Boise State University – Covid Style

Last fall my son was coming home from his Junior year at Boise State (home of the famous "Smurf Turf" blue football field.) Was unsure whether to make a cake for his arrival or not, but after seeing this image, I knew I had to.

Used a new technique for the background. The blue colored sugar was perfect for the blue turf look. usually I either use stars to fill in the cake or leave it plain - allowing the graphic to be the primary attention grabber, but this turned out so well I used it for some late season NFL game cakes as well.

The sugar works great for cakes, but I would warn against it for cookies, as pieces of cake typically have enough frosting and eaten on a plate so the sugar doesn't become a mess. We used the same method for some cookies, and the sugar can be a mess.

**Note: These cakes were made for our own personal family use only, not for sale or others.

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