Training/Membership Sign-up Now Available!

Birthdays. Graduations. Special Occasions...
or to make any occasion a little more special!

This training is more than just a course you watch then forget, or watch 2 sessions and get busy with life (with no one to remind you.)

The training is part of a membership - join for a few months, or a year - or even far longer not just for the course, but the community.

A course is you alone.
In community we are all together.

A course you (might) ask a question, and the answer helps you.
In community the questions and answers are for all of us.

In community we celebrate our progress. Our victories. And yes, occasionally... our failures (or learning opportunities!)

We are shooting for October Beta launch.** Why sign up now?

  1. To save money! Get a year's access for just 120
    (equivalent of $10/month).
    Your price is fixed for life!
  2. To shape the content and direction of the course and membership. (Generations of future students - or at least the next batch - will benefit from your input and advice!)

Monthly costs for the training after the Beta launch will increase somewhere between $19 and $29 - but you never pay more than $10/month! (for continuous membership)


It's not the wide world of cakes - teaching every technique from how to bake to the massive cakes you see on TV.

It's a specific technique - Buttercream Transfer - that anyone can learn and apply. The simple technique can provide incredible results, and is unlimited in the application!

Why? Because busy people might not have time to learn a thousand techniques - or even a dozen. But in just a few hours you can learn and apply our simple process and be well on your way beyond forgettable cakes - to YOUR UNFORGETTABLE CAKE!

You don't even have to bake.

Save more time by buying a $10-15 cake from a local bakery, then you decorate!

Or save more money by baking yourself, however simple or complex you like it!

** - October launch is planned, but what exactly it looks like may depend on number of signups. Our prayer is to have 25 signed up by late September. If significantly less we may launch with a slightly different look and platform.

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