BSU's Campus Food Pantry

$25 (over 30%) of every $79 Sign up for online training in the Buttercream Transfer technique will go to BSU's Campus Food Pantry. ***SCROLL DOWN TO 8/25 UPDATE***

Hosting a game party? Graduation coming up? What else?

Oh yeah, I suppose you could even use it for birthday parties if you wanted.

Don't just settle for another cake just like every other cake from the grocery store, or spending big bucks on a custom cake, when you can decorate custom cakes that will amaze your friends and family!

(Want to save even more time? Buy a plain iced cake to pick the day of or before your party, make the transfer several days in advance, and then you can drop it on the cake, add an edge trim and be DONE decorating - in less time than it took to mix the batter!)

About Me, and
Your Unforgettable Cake

I'm a proud Bronco dad, watching my son grow in Boise from 2018-2022, and will be forever grateful for so many in the Boise State community during those years - admittedly most of whom I've never even met.

When I decided to take a 15-ish year hobby of decorating cakes into the business world of teaching busy parents how to save time and money making custom cakes for friends and family, I wanted it to be more than just about earning more money.

I wanted the business to make a difference, with income being... forgive me... icing on the cake.

August 25 Update

Following a great deal of prayer & discussion,
my wife and I have decided NOT to pursue this
as a long-term business. But the videos are already
recorded, so we will honor this offer at the $79, but
INCREASE the donation to the pantry to $25
. (over 30%)
because this change reduces our upcoming expenses.
Effectively, the only change to you is the webpage
you will use to view the videos, and we won't be
looking to actively grow the online community.
We do still hope you ask questions and share

your creations on our Facebook page!

I don't decorate cakes for you - I teach YOU how to use "Buttercream Transfers" to make the easiest, most "WOW" inducing cakes you can for a technique you can literally learn in hours, and get started with tools costing just $15-20 (less weekends)!

Why Campus Food Pantry?

There are, to be sure, MANY great causes on campus. CRU, Young Life, the various clubs and organizations.

In the end, I felt that Campus Food Pantry is an organization that helps ALL of these other groups on campus - as well as the teachers and various departments, and the campus as a whole.

When you're struggling to meet basic needs, everything else can become an even larger struggle. Studying for a test the next day when you're not certain about your next meal? Eventually grades will suffer, and if enough grades suffer... your days as a Bronco may soon come to a close.

QUESTIONS? I'd love to hear from you!
Rich Gerberding

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