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A Not-so-brief into...

Rich Gerberding

Over a decade ago, after watching many episodes of Ace of Cakes, I discovered I enjoyed cake decorating.  The first attempt?  The Gerberding Grill involved various techniques for the various food items and elements.  A couple years later, the largest project was Cowboys Stadium - complete with open roof and hanging scoreboard.

In time, I found myself using a particular technique more and more.  Originally just a simple method for detailed features, it became the focal point of the cakes themselves.  This process is Buttercream Transfer.

A few years ago I considered starting a cake business - making cakes for others, but this plan fell apart when I talked to the Health Department and realized the requirements for a licensed home kitchen.  During that same discussion, however, the idea of training instead came up.

I even taught a couple workshops at the Peoria Michael's store in 2019.  During that time, I also was experiencing persistent numbness and tingling in both hands - eventually diagnosed as BOTH Carpal Tunnel (wrists) and Cubital Tunnel (elbows).

Originally declining surgical options, I changed my mind several months later only to find out that hospitals were closed to surgeries due to Covid concerns.  Eventually, in August 2020, I did get that surgery on my right wrist and elbow.... and the following month, my left wrist and elbow.

Cake decorating?  I was just looking forward to being able to use both hands again without pain, tingling, and numbness!

In early 2021, my wife and I decided to revisit the training idea, but instead of limiting it to local in-person workshops, consider a broader approach of online training.

Me making cakes?  If I did two cakes per week and took two weeks off, that would be 100 per year.

What if instead of making 100 cakes, I shared this technique with 100 busy moms
(or dads, aunts, uncles, friends, etc) who used it to put smiles on the faces of their kids, family, friends, or even complete strangers.

I look forward to seeing individual people share their "first project" after training... and then, in time, when our training results not in "my" cakes, but "your" cakes.... we hit 10 decorating projects.

then 100...

then 1000.... of YOUR Unforgettable Cakes.

Because life's too short for forgettable cakes!

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In January 2023 (possibly sooner) we will begin at least Monthly "COMMUNITY CHECK-INS" -
hopefully with a much better name, where we can celebrates what the community has done,
answer some questions, and share a challenge for the future!

Examples of Buttercream Transfers
You are only limited by your imagination. 
If you can paint-by-number, you can do this!

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